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Zero Distillate Dispensary

Zero Distillate Dispensary

Element 7 takes the responsible sourcing and service of
product management to a new level in the cannabis industry.

We are one of North America’s first ‘zero distillate dispensaries’ which means we do not sell products that contain any form of THC distillate. We have taken this stance for a number of reasons:

  1. The Cannabis Industry is rife with illicit ‘vape products’ that contain high doses of THC and other compounds such as Vitamin E, PG, and PEG. These compounds are added by manufacturers to ‘cut’ the THC extracts and make them easier to vaporize, however, when heated they are carcinogenic. Reports suggest that legitimate licensed manufacturers are using these compounds as much as illicit manufacturers.
  2. A vaping epidemic has swept across teen America with unprecedented consumption and use of vape cigarettes, and vape pens. We believe that reducing access to these products may have an impact on their demand.
  3. Oversight in the cannabis industry remains a challenge. At Element 7 we will continue to create our own policy based on fact and science while this lack of oversight continues.
  4. Many extractors use chemicals including isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, pantene, and hexane to extract the cannabinoids from the plant – all of this creates residue and byproducts that need further treatment.
  5. Long-term studies documenting distillate consumption are almost non-existent. Until that changes, we would rather put consumers health first.

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