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Introducing Friends of the Farm, our loyalty benefits program.

It’s simple— for every dollar you spend in the store or through delivery, you receive a point in your Friend of the Farm account. These points can be redeemed for discounts off future purchases— for example, 10% off your next purchase after collecting 250 points, 20% after 500 points, etc.

You’ll also receive opportunities for free Element 7 gear and cashback deals on your purchases. It doesn’t require anything more from you than simply signing up the next time you make a purchase. You’ll then receive points for every purchase you make at Element 7 locations moving forward.

How Do I Join?

You can join Friends of the Farm online here. Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive a text with a direct link to your FOTF wallet.

You can also signup in person at the store. Simply provide your phone number at checkout and you’ll instantly become a Friend of the Farm and begin accruing rewards points. You’ll receive discounts and rewards just by shopping the same way you always do.

What Other Promotions are Available at the Element 7 locations?

Not only does being a Friend of the Farm help you rack up rewards points that add up to discounts over time, but Element 7 also offers a range of other promotions including:

  • Senior Discounts,  65 and older – 10% off all purchases at any time (in-store with ID at check-out)
  • Veterans – 15% off in-store purchases
  • Daily specials – Unique to each location

We can’t wait for you to start earning and enjoying your Friend of the Farm benefits, as well as all of the other discounts available to our customers. We hope to see you in the store soon!

💚 The Element 7 Team

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Why Element 7

Our Cannabis with a Conscience business model puts equity directly in the business into the hands of the community, and constituents, bringing the discipline and structure of a national retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local.