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Our Team

Robert DiVito


Entrepreneur, investor, and business operator. Former General Manager for StrayLight Farms, one of the State’s largest cannabis cultivation operations. In 2016, advice from the former Mayor Los Angeles saw DiVito head north to California’s Central Valley with a plan to focus on cannabis economic development – locating cities and communities that needed education, jobs, and community development that could benefit from cannabis. Despite many communities having commercial cannabis bans in place and, in some cases, hostility towards the industry, DiVito travelled the State lobbying for education, change and growth through his ‘Cannabis Campus Model’ – a model that was later adopted into the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) in June, 2017. In September 2017, DiVito’s profile in the industry rose sharply as he convinced big-ag to invest in cannabis, securing a $51 Million commitment from one of the country’s largest organic farming families to invest in cannabis cultivation. This was a landmark deal and marked big-ag’s first serious investment into cannabis and will have a huge impact on the future development of the industry. DiVito founded Element 7 in 2018 with a focus on early-stage cannabis licensing development through education and economic development policy.

Amber Norwood


Amber joined the Element 7 team to head its compliance and regulatory affairs division in 2018 and has quickly proven to be one of the key executives in the company. In her current role, Amber oversees regulatory compliance, licensing and project management. Having won over 25 licenses for clients in California and submitting applications in over 8 US States, she specializes in writing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures across all aspects of the industry. Amber was born and raised in Pasadena and is active in the local community and cannabis industry – she is a member of NORML, Minorities in Cannabis Business Association and WomenGrow, a female focused industry group expanding female representation in the cannabis industry. Amber previously worked with the Attorney General’s Office in Miami before joining the cannabis industry.

Elicia Terry


Elicia Terry is one of Element 7’s key Licensing Directors and oversees the team’s State Licensing needs, ensuring that Element 7 is exceeding State requirements where possible, and at the forefront of industry best-practices across product management, security, inventory, consumer safety, education, product handling, and environmental issues.

Tim Gordon


Tim Gordon became President at CBDRx and Functional Remedies in 2017 and is now serving as Chief Science Officer for the Company.  Born and raised in Canada in a Cannabis farming community, Tim’s love for sustainable cannabis farming is only eclipsed by his love for the cannabis plant. Tim oversees hemp operations and the Functional Remedies product division. Tim has developed an aggressive cannabis breeding program, an industry leading agricultural operation, and state of the art laboratory and production facility. Tim serves as a technical adviser on the board of the National Hemp association and is also President of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association. Tim has written and researched the cannabis plant for nearly 20 years and has been highlighted in news programs and in magazines and periodicals. Functional Remedies is the world’s leader in cannabinoid hemp production and CBD enhanced nutraceuticals, while leading the way in eco-sustainable hemp farming.

Dr. Efthimia Vasiliadis


Efthimia holds a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacology (2002-2004), a Bachelors of Science in Pharmaceutical Studies (2000-2002), and a Bachelors of Science in Molecular Cell Biology, all from the prestigious University of Connecticut. She brings almost unmatched experience as a retail pharmacist and has worked for CVS Pharmacy Inc., for 17 years (2002 – 2019), and the Stop and Shop Pharmacy Group for a year (2019). Her unique skillsets filing and processing prescriptions, operating under highly regulated State and Federal Laws, counseling patients, collaborating with physicians and insurance companies, managing inventory, and addressing workflow issues, are invaluable to Element 7 as we focus on being the most compliant, controlled, and regulated cannabis retail operator in California.

Sheila Merchant


Sheila received her law degree from Columbia University School of Law and has been a practicing attorney since 2012. Before studying law, she studied at the University of Michigan, graduating with an Honors degree in History and English. She served as an Associate Attorney for three years before setting up her legal practice and specializes in contract law, financing projects and M&A. At Element 7, Sheila oversees all legal contracts, commercial agreements, alliances, and partnerships. Sheila is also leading our efforts to continuously upgrade our data management, compliance and risk management efforts.

Josh Black


Josh is a former Marketing Director with PepsiCo, managing Tropicana, Aquafina and Gatorade brand launches in over a dozen markets globally. He is the former CEO for WPP’s (world’s largest media and marketing services holding company) content and entertainment business. He is a published author, was named in the media industries “40 Under 40” in 2016 and manages Element 7’s commercial, marketing, talent and training, and licensing functions. Black has written and won over 50 license applications in North America, is a co-founder of CT3 (worlds first CBD beverage for traumatic brain injury), and Daily Hemp Co which is sold on Amazon.

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Joey Tavera

Head of Technology

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Lake Montalvo

New Store Retail Operations

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Ana Guanzon


Element 7 Dispensary

Why Element 7

Our Cannabis with a Conscience business model puts equity directly in the business into the hands of the community, and constituents, bringing the discipline and structure of a national retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local.