E7 Is Trusted By More Than 50+ Cities In The State of California

The total Element 7 business offers a unique cannabis experience. Element 7 aims to provide quality at an affordable price, allowing patrons an immersive retail experience in a secure, relaxed, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing environment. We also offer the opportunity for customers and patients to experience Element 7’s concept with knowledgeable bud-tender services, planned merchandising, limited and exclusive ‘drops’ and a range of products catered for the local market.

E7 Is a Value Driven Organization

Delivering an Unmatched Cannabis Experience

What sets Element 7 apart from other dispensaries, delivery businesses and cannabis operations will be the range of different cannabis experiences at the site – exclusive product ‘drops’, limited editions and our $20.00 shelf. Element 7 is set to become the standard by which all other Dispensaries and Delivery businesses are measured. That’s our brave ambition at least.

Being Locally Relevant to Cities and States

Whilst we are a globally outward looking cannabis culture business, every operation that we are involved with has a strong focus on building a localized footprint – we carry this approach forward by working with local suppliers, having a preference for hiring local staff, building a locally developed business plan, working with local community organizations, building local business outreach programs and hosting local community education workshops.

Respecting Diversity and Accessibility

Being premium doesn’t mean we have to be exclusive. We appreciate the financial diversity of each cities eclectic community which is why Element 7 will offer a high-quality range of products that range from highly affordable great-quality through to more exclusive premium ranges. E7 accommodates to all classes including low, middle, and upper class of consumers.

Meet The Highest of Professional Quality Standards

E7 strives to offer some of the best medical and recreational use products across each and every city we work with. We have over 50+ experienced technicians, analysts and industry professionals operating our entire campus to ensure the highest of quality in product

Improve Every State, County & Cities Local Economical Growth

In just the last year E7 has helped to produce over 20 Million in gross revenue ax through our local development, manufacturing and distribution methods. We cater to each states county and city policy to help produce a streamlined business model that works for them.

Create Unrivaled Cannabis Integration Throughout The Entire Globe

We combine the forces to create an unrivaled platform for growth and value creation in the cannabis industry. With E7's existing knowledge of the cannabis industry we are staffed from a technology infrastructure so that we develop systems that offer full transparency around reporting, adhering to all levels of regulatory guidelines.

Create Distinctive, Substantial Growth

Highest Quality of Brands
We offer best in class brands to our consumers to offer only the best products available at each location.

  • Put client interests ahead of E7

  • Observe high ethical standards

  • Preserve clients' confidence

  • Maintain an independent perspective

Successful Business Model
We've frequently updated our success model by adding a service quality dimension to the core of our business.

  • Prioritize efficiency over quantity

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Learn from experience and failure

  • Maintain positive attitude at work

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