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Machine Learning & A.I.

Element 7 recently entered into a strategic alliance with CURA AI, a data science company born out of MIT that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide patients with cannabis medicine optimized for their medical conditions.

Built by industry experts from MIT and former Federal Government security and technology leaders, Cura AI is a Data Science company at the intersection of patient care and the 3rd wave of Artificial Intelligence focused on precision medicine.

Cura AI’s mission is to help 1 BILLION chronic pain and mental health patients through precision based treatments, beginning with their first vertical market – medicinal cannabis.

Their focus is on building precision treatment solutions; leveraging data analytics, genomics, clinical testing and patient focus to quickly innovate, disrupt, and penetrate the precision medicine market.

Cura AI prescribes medical cannabis to patients built on data and science, with continuous patient feedback then improving the recommendations based on those patients responses to prescribed medicine. The platform tracks response, use, dosage, effectiveness, use of opioids, and a range of other factors to continuously learn and develop more precise recommendations for medical patients.

Element 7 has secured the rights to become Cura AI’s sole and exclusive partner in California for the beta test of the Cura AI platform.

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