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Creating Careers. Not Jobs.

At Element 7 we understand that the backbone of our business is our employees and the relationships we hold with them and the relationships they hold with our patients and customers. This is what creates and drives business advantage, building a place for our employees to make a Career in the industry of helping people. We continuously monitor our salaries and benchmarks and strive to ensure our wages are competitive across all our California operations. We are a Fair Chance employer and implement Labor Peace Agreements in all of our operations.

A Local Career for Local Operations

While we have a local hiring preference, at Element 7, everyone gets a fair chance.

Our Commitment to Training

According to BDS Analytics 2017 report ‘Bud-tenders’ in the industry received, on average, a total of 16 hours of training before commencing employment. Element 7’s priority is to ensure each associate receives the proper training before stepping foot on the floor.  We aim to go above and beyond the industry standard and make certain our associates are confident and knowledgeable in all aspects of their job.

Current Positions Available

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Why Element 7

Our Cannabis with a Conscience business model puts equity directly in the business into the hands of the community, and constituents, bringing the discipline and structure of a national retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local.