Partnerships & Affiliations

The business has the required backing needed to scale and grow our business to achieve our corporate objectives. Our investors, and others, have backed previous initiatives that E7 is involved with and developing at the moment, including:

A range of daily-dose full-spectrum hemp oil products. Element 7’s partners in this venture have over 20 years of experience selling supplements through multi-level marketing programs.

A range of pre, post and sleep full-spectrum hemp oil products targeted at athletes and those seeking products that help them excel their human performance. This product line is geared towards formulation.

Daily Hemp CO.
A range of daily-dose full spectrum hemp oil tinctures and tablets targeted at mass everyday consumers, which are being developed with one of Amazon’s largest nutrition and vitamin wholesalers.

Monterey Cannabis CO.
Monterey Cannabis Co. / Riverview Farms, one of the largest cannabis cultivators in California with over 720,000 sq. ft of cannabis cultivation. The farm is still operational and one of the largest greenhouses in California.

Ground Zero
Element 7 are the Founder of Ground Zero – an entity attempting to open the most luxurious cannabis experience on the planet in the heart of West Hollywood – an integrated on-site consumption lounge, dispensary and delivery business.

Gro Campus
Element 7 are a Founding Partner of GRO Campus – envisioned as the world’s largest cannabis campus. GRO Campus is changing the way cultivation operates.

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