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California's Most Local Cannabis Retail Company

Cannabis with a Conscience

Unlike like other large retailers, our Cannabis with a Conscience business model doesn't funnel profits back to a large holding company. We put equity directly in the business into the hands of the community, and constituents, bringing the discipline and structure of a national retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local.

Proven Experience and Market Understanding

We have the business model that brings direct economic benefit to Cities

Education First,
Retail Redefined.

Element 7 is one of California's most local cannabis retail company. With a central team of over 30 professionals financially backed by a private equity bank, we are expanding operations across the Golden State at a pace that will scale.

Who We Are

Element 7 was formed to build a new cannabis retail model for tomorrow’s changing cannabis market – one that will require more efficiency, an evolved customer service, tech-driven experiences, and a consistent supply chain. We are California local.

What We Do

Element 7 was formed with a vision of operating in a world where cannabis is culturally accepted and legally prescribed to treat humanity’s most destructive medical illnesses. ​

We Educate Customers

Over the last four years, we have educated over 100 cities and counties in California regarding cannabis, many of which have since passed an ordinance that allows them to tightly control how the industry develops in their county, city, or town.

We Operate Retail

With 12 sites already under development and 8 additional sites planned in the coming 6 months, we are committed to ensuring that Element 7 patients and customers can experience our unique educationally focused holistic wellness dispensaries in all corners of the State.

Upcoming Locations
Fort Bragg, CA | Element 7

Fort Bragg, CA

342 N Main Street

Opening Oct. 24th 2020


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Rio Dell, CA | Element 7

Rio Dell, CA

307 Wildwood Avenue

Opening Nov. 21st 2020


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Marina, CA | Element 7

Marina, CA

234 Reservation Road

Opening Dec. 19th 2020


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Element 7

Coming January 28th
796 Oller Street
Mendota, California

Unrivaled Retail & Industry Experience

Element 7 was formed with a vision of operating in a world where cannabis is culturally accepted and legally prescribed to treat humanity's most destructive medical illnesses.

Fully Committed to Growing Your City's Revenue

Our core management team brings decades of experience in building, owning and operating cannabis brands and businesses, packaged consumer goods (PepsiCo), retail sales management (independent store, convenience, and large grocery experience), global business operations and management (WPP) and small business operations, including Charter Schools and tech start-ups.

Element 7 LLC, is a cannabis licensing company with substantial experience in California educating cities and counties on cannabis policy and operating cannabis businesses from cultivation through to retail.

Unrivaled Retail and Industry Experience | Element 7

We know that customer education and community engagement are the foundations for widespread attitude shifts that will change how cannabis is viewed, opening up the potential for cannabis as a natural herbal medical treatment. To achieve this vision, our strategic priority is to change the way cannabis is prescribed by doctors and adopted by patients and, indeed, by users as well. We do this by introducing a broad range of innovative cannabis products that can help those suffering from an equally broad range of medical and emotional health issues.

Insights & News

Introducing: The Bakery

Introducing: The Bakery

As the cannabis supply chain matures and consumers become more familiar and comfortable with their favorite cannabis brands, cannabis retail will continue to evolve. Tomorrow’s cannabis consumer is looking for a new retail experience – one driven by convenience, efficiency, and smart technology. A store they can get in and out of quickly, while having … Continued

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Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness

Tomorrow’s cannabis consumer will be savvier than yesterday’s or today’s. They will demand products and brands that can safely and effectively deliver the precise experience they want. They will seek out products with proven healing capabilities and they’ll want spaces that deliver in terms of entertainment and comfort, providing value on par with what their … Continued

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Machine Learning & A.I.

Machine Learning & A.I.

Element 7 recently entered into a strategic alliance with CURA AI, a data science company born out of MIT that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide patients with cannabis medicine optimized for their medical conditions. Built by industry experts from MIT and former Federal Government security and technology leaders, Cura AI is a … Continued

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UCLA Retail Cannabis Study

UCLA Retail Cannabis Study

Our relationship with UCLA recently expanded to include the Anderson School of Management, UCLA’s graduate business school faculty. In a world-and cannabis industry-first, Element 7 was selected ahead of some of the world’s fastest-growing tech, health, and media companies to take part in a Retail Cannabis Industry Thesis in 2018/19. Five incredibly talented UCLA MBA … Continued

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Climate Change

Climate Change

As a company, Element 7 brings together a team from many corners of the globe – USA, Australia, Philippines, China, Barbados, India, and Greece. Our diversity not only unites us but also creates a shared sense of responsibility for how we as a business can play an impactful role in climate change. In the last … Continued

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We Partner with Cities to Eradicate Non-Compliant Cannabis

Cannabis that is untested, untaxed, and unregulated is not only bad for business, it's also dangerous for consumers. Everyone should have the right to experience the health benefits and pleasures of this incredible plant; however, to protect patients from health risks and the community from crime, cannabis must be sold by compliant, clean, controlled, taxed, and trusted operating partners.

We will go head-to-head with these unlicensed operators on price and service, and we will push well beyond them in terms of product quality, selection, and education. This is the only way to eliminate the criminal element from the cannabis industry. We know we can do this.

Exclusive Product Partners

We Have Robust, Exclusive Product Relationships

We have established a substantive array of cannabis industry relationships, each of which will us bring our premium Element 7 experience to life. These include Wonderbrett, an iconic name in the LA Cannabis scene and a team that has been cultivating premium handcrafted cannabis since 1993 (in 1997 Brett was given a cut of the original OG Kush, which catapulted him into the upper echelons of the LA cannabis scene, where he has been ever since). Wonderbrett products are in huge demand at the moment, and we will be introducing an Element 7 exclusive range to the dispensary that is sure to be a hit with local consumers. We will build partnerships with locally licensed cultivators and manufacturers to support local craft cannabis production from the County. We are passionate about small-batch craft premium cannabis which is why we have Justin Calvino on our team - the father of California's craft cannabis and appellations movement.

With the focus shifting towards not only attracting customers but also, through impeccable customer experience, to building unshakable loyalty, Element 7 is ideally and strategically positioned to offer consumers a product they want from brands they trust and to do so in ways that will create lasting loyalty. This will not only be good for business, but it will also be good for the City - each loyal Element 7 customer is one less customer for non-compliant and untaxed operators. Element 7 will leverage its infrastructure in cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, with its growing interests and expertise in branding, marketing, and data.

All this together will power the rise of Element 7, making us one of the cannabis brands that will shape and transform the cannabis industry, first in California and then globally.

Connect With Us

8033 Sunset Blvd., Unit 987
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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