Element 7 is focused on building a retail footprint that puts ownership in the hands of local operators, community groups, and staff. Our model creates cannabis retail operations that have a deep sense of local consumer and patient understanding backed by a centralized management team that have deep expertise across compliance, policy, taxation, and the complex changing ordinance that governs our industry and day to day business operations. 

Element 7 Rio Dell, California


Who We Are

With a mission of becoming the 'most-local' cannabis retailer in the State of California, we are well on our way to building this vision and creating businesses across the State that are deeply focused on local patient and customer needs.

We have the team, experience, financial backing, and flexible business models in place to ensure we become the most compliant, controlled, taxed, tested, and trusted cannabis business in the State.


Unlike like other large retailers, our Cannabis with a Conscience business model doesn't funnel profits back to a large holding company. We put equity directly in the business into the hands of the community, and constituents, bringing the discipline and structure of a national retail operations group while ensuring that the enterprise remains local. We believe this is the optimal model for compliant sustainable retail business operations - centrally regulated operations with a very local footprint.

Where We Operate

Element 7 is under permit and license approval from multiple municipalities across California.

What We Do

Element 7 was formed with a vision of operating in a world where cannabis is culturally accepted and legally prescribed to treat humanity’s most destructive medical illnesses.

We know that customer education and community engagement are the foundations for widespread attitude shifts that will change how cannabis is viewed, opening up the potential for cannabis as a natural herbal medical treatment. To achieve this vision, our strategic priority is to change the way cannabis is prescribed by doctors and adopted by patients and, indeed, by users as well. We do this by introducing a broad range of innovative cannabis products that can help those suffering from an equally broad range of medical and emotional health issues.


We Educate Customers

In our business, everything starts with education—from the proper use of the plant through to educating groups and individuals about the positive benefits of cannabis when used correctly and its dangers when abused.

Over the last four years, we have educated over 100 cities and counties in California regarding cannabis, many of which have since passed an ordinance that allows them to tightly control how the industry develops in their county, city, or town.

We Operate Retail

With 12 sites already under development and 8 additional sites planned in the coming 6 months, we are committed to ensuring that Element 7 patients and customers can experience our unique educationally focused holistic wellness dispensaries in all corners of the State - from Arcata to Chula Vista.


Our offer is backed by insight, local micro-data, and technology from adjacent industries and markets.

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